Saturday, 14 July 2007

Malaysia: Langawi

This is another week that I flew to Malaysia again. I took my days off from work and I flew to Langawi for 5 days. This island is so impressive and lovely. I would say it is one of my romantic places on earth. If you are looking for somewhere quiet and enjoy the beach with reasonable price. Of course, you can get a basic scuba diving for a day trip here. It is not expensive but it is worthwhile to try if you wish.

I would suggest you to rent a car if you want to explore many areas in Langawi. I traveled in July which is not a high season and I had 2 days for rain from my entire trip. That was still ok. The price is pretty good at that time. Seafood is awesome there. Do not miss it!

The Oriental Village

Gondola at Gunang Mat Cincang

Somewhere in the back of the hotel

Palau Payar for scuba diving

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