Thursday, 31 May 2007

Thailand: Samut Prakarn (the Erawan Museum)

I have been travelling in many places in Thailand but I found the Erawan museum is appealing to me. In the past, I had photos taken from the camera film, but this is the only time I had them taken from the digital camera.

Anyway, the Erawan Museum is located in Samut Prakran province, Thailand. The big symbol of this museum is three- headed elephant (the Elephant of Universe). The museum was created by Lek Viriyapant, who was a Thai millionaire and was responsible of the museum construction. The Erawan museum was influenced by Hindu and Thai Buddhism and many Thai people come to this museum to pay respect and seek blessings from "God Elephant" (Wikipedia, September 17, 2012).

People can visit inside the Erawan museum. The inside of the museum looks decorative and beautiful. The basement symbolizes the underwater and there are three floors symbolized the universe, which are detailed in the history of Hindu and Thai Buddhism. The most appealing feature is the curved wall and ceiling which represents the eternal cosmos with hand-painted pattern (Wikipedia, September 17, 2012).

The Erawan Museum

The ceiling inside the Erawan Museum

For admission fee

- For Thais, adults cost  150 baht & children (age: 6-15 years old) cost 75 baht.
- For foreigners, adults cost  300 baht & children cost 150 baht.
- For elderly (age: 60 years old or older) and Samut Prakarn people cost 100 bath only.

The Erawan museum is open from Monday to Saturday and there are seven schedules each day (Referred to the website below).


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