Saturday, 1 March 2008

Thailand: Bangkok (Vachirabenjatas Park)

Vachirabenjatas Park or Rot Fai Park is situated in Chatujak district, Bangkok. There are many activities to do. This park is one of the nicest parks in Bangkok. This park allows you to rent a bike and a boat. When I went there, I rented a bike because I wanted to see many things around the park as much as possible. If I remember it right, I paid 20 Baht (around 5 cents). Price may remain unchanged or may be gone up a bit now.

This park has a butterfly park inside, so you could see all kinds of butterflies here. If you love cycling or running, this may be the place for you. It will be a great relaxation on the weekend for families and friends.

To get there, you can take either MRT or BTS and get off at Chatujak station. Do not get confused with Chatujak Park and Vachirabenjatas Park. They are nearby and they both are huge, so you have to make sure you walk further parallel with the traffic (same direction), you will find it. The easiest way is if you take MRT, there will be the sign to tell you which exist you need to take. Once you are out from MRT station, you will see a little entrance of Vachirabenjatas Park.

This park is open every day but will have a lot of people on the weekend because this park is close to Chatujak weekend market, where is the biggest outdoor weekend market in Southeast Asia.

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